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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) Tipo File
1-gen-2012 QTL mapping for content of phenolic compounds extracted from fruit and juice in a cider apple progeny Verdu, C.F.; Guyot, S.; Childebrand, N.; Lasserre Zuber, P.; Boucourt, M.; Le Pautremat, E.; Celton, J.M.; Gaillard, S.; Gatto, J.; Troggio, M.; Dupuis, F.; Guilet, D.; Laurens, F. Poster
1-gen-2017 Quantification, distribution and major predictors of soil N content along a range of forest ecosystems and climatic conditions in Italy Rodeghiero, M.; Vesterdal, L.; Marcolla, B.; Martinez, C.; Aertsen, W.; Vescovo, L.; Gianelle, D. Poster
1-gen-2015 Remote sensing to shape the next generation species distribution models He, K.S.; Pettorelli, N.; Bradley, B.A.; Cord, A.; Rocchini, D.; Tuanmu, M.N.; Turner, W.; Wegmann, M. Poster
1-gen-2014 Response of the tortricid pest Lobesia botrana to volatiles emitted by the non-host plant Perilla frutescens Cattaneo, A.M.; Bassoli, A.; Bengtsson, J.M.; Borgonovo, G.; Anfora, G. Poster
1-gen-2012 RMAWGEN: A software project for a daily Multi-SiteWeather Generator with R Cordano, E.; Eccel, E. Poster
1-gen-2012 Rodent communities in a changing environment: implications for human health in the Alps - an introduction to the project Konecny, A.; Rizzoli, A.; Hauffe, H.C. Poster
1-gen-2012 Role of the food matrix in gastrointestinal survival of probiotic microorganisms using in vitro digestion of model cheese Conterno, L.; De Angelis, A.; Silvi, S.; Verdenelli, M.C.; Cresci, A.; Viola, R.; Tuohy, K.M. Poster
1-gen-2014 Rumble in the intestinal jungle: interactions between gut macro- and microbiota Pascoe, E.L.; Kreisinger, J.; Hauffe, H.C.; Perkins, S.E. Poster
1-gen-2015 Screening for antifungal properties of Medicinal Wild Plants from Northern Italy Tocci, N.; Weil, T.F.A.L.; Iamonico, D.; Cavalieri, D. Poster
1-gen-2017 Sequential habitat use by animals: a methodological workflow De Groeve, J.; van de Weghe, N.; Cagnacci, F. Poster
1-gen-2014 Singing all day long: the role of substrate-born vibrations in mating behaviour of the leafhopper Empoasca vitis (Göthe) Nieri, R.; Mazzoni, V. Poster
1-gen-2021 Single Cell Technology: a step forward to New Breeding Technologies Scintilla, S.; Salvagnin, U.; Giacomelli, L.; Rouppe van der Voort, J.; Malnoy, M.; Moser, C. Poster
1-gen-2020 Single gene mutations affecting the biosynthesis of anthocyanins in various raspberry fruits Rafique, M.Z.; Palmieri, L.; Martens, S. Poster
1-gen-2018 Smart Viticulture: dispositivi low cost a supporto della ricerca e della gestione sostenibile del vigneto Zorer, R.; Delucchi, L. Poster
1-gen-2015 SNP-discovery by RAD-sequencing in a germplasm collection of cultivated and wild grapevine accessions Marrano, A.; Birolo, G.; Schiavon, R.; Marchioretto, L.; Targon, R.; Telatin, A.; Lorenzi, S.; Valle, G.; Grando, M.S. Poster
1-gen-2015 Spatio-temporal variations in chlorophyll-a concentration in the Patagonic continental shelf: an example of satellite time series processing with GRASS GIS temporal modules Andreo, V.C.; Dogliotti, A.I.; Tauro, C.; Neteler, M.G. Poster
1-gen-2015 Species distribution modeling of a new invasive mosquito: a Bayesian approach Marcantonio, M.; Baldacchino, F.A.; Metz, M.; Rosa', R.; Kleinschmit, B.; Förster, M.; Arnoldi, D.; Bussola, F.; Montarsi, F.; Capelli, G.; Neteler, M.G.; Rizzoli, A. Poster
1-gen-2019 The study of microbiota of a mosquito vector throughout its developmental stages as a first approach to develop microbiota-based control strategies Alfano, N.; Rosso, F.; Tagliapietra, V.; Arnoldi, D.; Manica, M.; Rizzoli, A. Poster
1-gen-2014 Survey of flaviviruses on long- and short-distance migratory birds in Trentino Alto-Adige (North-eastern Italy) with oral and cloacal swabs Grisenti, M.; Arnoldi, D.; Rizzolli, F.; Giacobini, M.; Bertolotti, L.; Rizzoli, A. Poster
1-gen-2016 Tandem Mass Spectrometry vs stability of pesticides Tonidandel, L.; Trainotti, D.; Larcher, R. Poster
Mostrati risultati da 126 a 145 di 166
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