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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) Tipo File
19-mag-2021 Development of novel plant biofertilisers based on endophytic bacteria and innovative insect-mediated delivery strategies Galambos, N. Doctoral Thesis
3-mag-2016 Diet:microbiota interaction in the gut focus on amino acid metabolism Ceppa, F.A. Doctoral Thesis
7-mar-2016 Direct analysis of coffee aroma compounds with Proton Transfer Reaction-Time of Flight-Mass Spectrometry: traceability, perceived quality and processing Yener, S. Doctoral Thesis
11-gen-2019 Distribution and clinical associations of Ljungan virus (Parechovirus B) Fevola, C. Doctoral Thesis
5-mar-2015 Diversity, impact and fate of cyanobacterial toxins in freshwater ecosytems Shams, S. Doctoral Thesis
23-ago-2017 An ecological approach to understanding gut microbiota and macrobiota interactions Pascoe, E.L. Doctoral Thesis
3-nov-2021 Ecological connectivity in the Alpine anthropic matrix. Natural reserves and corridors for the conservation of brown bear in the Alps (ABC - AlpBearConnect) Corradini, A. Doctoral Thesis
13-gen-2015 Ecological determinants of roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) spatial behavior and movement in limiting conditions Ossi, F. Doctoral Thesis
8-ott-2015 Effect of environmental, developmental and genetic factors on flavonoid and carotenoid profile of Vaccinium berries Zoratti, L. Doctoral Thesis
7-apr-2016 Effect of water deficit on fruit metabolism in white and red grape varieties Savoi, S. Doctoral Thesis
22-gen-2009 Elementi minerali anche in traccia nel sistema suolo-vite: accumulo e distribuzione nelle bacche e tracciabilità geografica delle uve Bertoldi, D. Doctoral Thesis
6-nov-2016 Environmental modelling and spatial ecology with focus on invasive Aedes mosquitoes and emergent mosquito-borne pathogens Marcantonio, M. Doctoral Thesis
26-feb-2019 Exploitation of population dynamics and chemical communication for integrated management of Drosophila suzukii Tait, G. Doctoral Thesis
18-mag-2021 Exploring the role of downy mildew susceptibility genes in Vitis by studying the genetic variation and the in vivo function Pirrello, C. Doctoral Thesis
15-apr-2013 Factors affecting the Trichoderma harzianum-induced resistance against downy mildew of grapevine and interaction between Plasmopara viticola genotypes co-inoculated in the host Roatti, B. Doctoral Thesis
9-dic-2021 Fine spatial scale modelling of Trentino past forest landscape and future change scenarios to study ecosystem services through the years Gobbi, S. Doctoral Thesis
18-giu-2014 Fruit polyphenols and their fate in the mammalian system after ingestion Gasperotti, M. Doctoral Thesis
25-ago-2017 Fusion of airborne laser scanning and hyperspectral data for predicting forest characteristics at different spatial scales Kandare, K. Doctoral Thesis
1-gen-2015 Genetic investigation of seed development in grapevine Nwafor, C.C. Doctoral Thesis
21-ago-2017 Genetic variability of tick-borne pathogens and their interactions Barakova, I. Doctoral Thesis
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 105
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