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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) Tipo File
1-gen-2013 Study of the metabolomic changes in red wines during aging under domestic and cellar conditions through an untargeted-targeted metabolomic workflow Arapitsas, P.; Perenzoni, D.; Angeli, A.; Mattivi, F. Abstract in Atti di convegno
1-gen-2017 Study of the molecular dialogue between grapevine inflorescence/berry and Botrytis cinerea during the initial, quiescent, and egression infection stages Haile, Z.M.; Pilati, S.; Sonego, P.; Malacarne, G.; Vrhovsek, U.; Engelen, K.; Tudzynski, P.; Zottini, M.; Baraldi, E.; Moser, C. Abstract in Atti di convegno
1-gen-2017 A study of the prebiotic-like effects of tomato juice consumption in rats with diet-induced non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) García-Alonso, F.J.; González Barrio, R.; Martín Pozuelo, G.; Hidalgo, N.; Navarro González, I.; Masuero, D.; Soini, E.; Vrhovsek, U.; Periago, M.J. Articolo in rivista
1-gen-2014 Study on chronic intake of high and low-flavonoid F&Vs.LC-HR-MS/MS based metabolomics of urine Ulaszewska, M.M.; Trost, K.; Tuohy, K.M.; Lovegrove, J.A.; Mattivi, F. Abstract in Atti di convegno
1-gen-1996 A study on organogenic potential in the Vitis genus Martinelli, L.; Poletti, V.; Bragagna, P.; Poznanski, E. Articolo in rivista
1-gen-2019 Study on the behaviour of pesticides residues contained in oenological matrices and stored in plastic containers Tonidandel, L.; Barbero, A.; Pilati, M.; Malacarne, M. Abstract in Atti di convegno
1-gen-2001 A study on the inoculum potential of Heterobasidion annosum in conifer stands of alpine forests La Porta, N.; Ambrosi, P.; Grillo, R.; Korhonen, K. Contributo in Atti di convegno
1-gen-2001 A study on the polyamine level during somatic embryogenesis development in Vitis vinifera L. Martinelli, L.; Bertoldi, D.; Tassoni, A.; Candioli, E.; Gribaudo, I.; Bagni, N. Abstract in Atti di convegno
1-gen-2009 Study on the role of olfaction in host plant detection of Scaphoideus titanus (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae) nymphs Mazzoni, V.; Ioriatti, C.; Trona, F.; Lucchi, A.; De Cristofaro, A.; Anfora, G. Articolo in rivista
1-gen-2016 Study on the suspended particulate matter of a Mediterranean artificial lake (Sos Canales Lake) using Stable Isotope Analysis of carbon and nitrogen Fadda, A.; Manca, M.; Camin, F.; Ziller, L.; Buscarino, P.; Mariani, M.; Padedda, B.M.; Sechi, N.; Virdis, T.; Lugliè, A. Articolo in rivista
1-gen-2021 Study to optimize the effectiveness of Copper treatments for a low impact viticulture Mian, G.; Comuzzo, P.; Iacumin, L.; Zanzotti, R.; Celotti, E. Articolo in rivista
1-gen-2015 Studying birds flight-ways by ringing and stable isotope (d2h): a contribution for the conservation of European birds Franzoi, A.; Pedrini, P.; Camin, F.; Bontempo, L. Abstract in Atti di convegno
1-gen-2021 Studying genetic population structure to shed light on the demographic explosion of the rare species Barbitistes vicetinus (Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae) Martinez-Sañudo, I.; Perin, C.; Cavaletto, G.; Ortis, G.; Fontana, P.; Mazzon, L. Articolo in rivista
1-gen-2016 Studying the effect of storage conditions on the metabolite content of red wine using HILIC LC–MS based metabolomics Arapitsas, P.; Della Corte, A.; Gika, H.; Narduzzi, L.; Mattivi, F.; Theodoridis, G. Articolo in rivista
1-gen-2013 Studying the genetic basis of drought tolerance in grapevine rootstocks Emanuelli, F.; Grossi, D.; Simone di Lorenzo, G.B.; Lorenzi, S.; Brancadoro, L.; Failla, O.; Grando, M.S.; Scienza, A. Abstract in Atti di convegno
1-gen-2012 Studying trophic interactions between a plant pathogen and two different antagonistic microorganisms using a 13C-labeled compound and isotope ratio mass spectrometry Pellegrini, A.; Corneo, P.E.; Camin, F.; Ziller, L.; Tosi, S.; Pertot, I. Articolo in rivista
1-gen-2015 Studying yeast volatolome with Proton-Transfer-Reaction Time-of-Flight Mass Sepctrtometry Khomenko, I.; Stefanini, I.; Cappellin, L.; Franceschi, P.; Cappelletti, V.; Biasioli, F. Abstract in Atti di convegno
1-gen-2003 Stump treatment experiments against Heterobasidion in the Italian Alps La Porta, N.; Grillo, R.; Ambrosi, P.; Korhonen, K. Contributo in Atti di convegno
1-gen-2016 Subfossil Cladocera as a powerful tool for paleoecological reconstruction Tolotti, M.; Milan, M.; Kzeroczynska, K. Articolo in rivista
1-gen-2024 Subfossil diatoms of Perialpine lakes reveal early lake responses to climate warming and human impact in the 20th century Tolotti, M.; Lami, A.; Musazzi, S.; Santolini, C.; Thies, H.; Milan, M. -
Mostrati risultati da 10.686 a 10.705 di 12.149
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