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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeFile
120112009-2010 Report Research and Innovation Centre Fondazione Edmund Mach: apple genome sequencedMarin, F.; Gretter, A.; Castellani, C.Book (editor)  Open Access
22014Spatial database for GPS wildlife tracking data: a practical guide to creating a data management system with PostgreSQL/PostGIS and RUrbano, F; Cagnacci, F.Book (editor)  Only authorized
32017Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Integrated Fruit Production at Thessaloniki (Greece) September 4-8, 2016Ioriatti, C.; Damos, P.; Escudero Colomar, L.A.; Linder, C.; Stensvand, A.Book (editor)  Only authorized
42015IOBC-WPRS Working group “Integrated Protection of Fruit Crops”, subgroup “Soft Fruits” Proceedings of the 8th Workshop on Integrated Soft Fruit Production at / à Vigalzano di Pergine Valsugana (Italy) 26th – 28th May, 2014Linder, C.; Grassi, A.; Prodorutti, D.; Ioriatti, C.Book (editor)  Only authorized
52011Soil carbon in sensitive European ecosystems: from science to land managementJandl, R.; Rodeghiero, M.; Olsson, M.Book (editor)-
62012Proceedings of the joint meeting of the sub groups Pome fruit arthropods and Stone fruits: Workshop on Sustainable protection of fruit crops in the Mediterranean areaDe Cristofaro, A.; Di Palma, A.; Escudero-Colomar, L.A.; Ioriatti, C.; Molinari, F.Book (editor)  Only authorized
72018Proceedings of the meeting Ecological perspectives of induced resistance in plants and multitrophic interactions in soilPerazzolli, M.; Puopolo, G.; Pertot, I.; Pieterse, C.; Mauch-Mani, B.; Schmitt, A.; Flors, V.Book (editor)  Only authorized
82018Forest soil respiration under climate changingJandl, R.; Rodeghiero, M.Book (editor)  Open Access
92010Towards an international standard for lichen monitoring: theory and practice: presentations given at the harmonization field course: 7-11 June 2010Cristofolini, F.; Brunialti, G.; Giordani, P.; Ferretti, M.Book (editor)  Open Access
102014Diet-microbe interactions in the gut: effects on human health and diseaseTuohy, K.M.; Del Rio, D.Book (editor)  reserved