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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) Tipo File
1-gen-2016 Tandem Mass Spectrometry vs stability of pesticides Tonidandel, L.; Trainotti, D.; Larcher, R. Poster
1-gen-2010 Texture profiling for strawberry fruit development and ripening Giongo, L.; Martinatti, P.; Genovese, M.; Biasioli, F.; Gasperi, F.; Velasco, R.; Costa, F. Poster
1-gen-2014 Tradeoffs between isoprene emission, carbon gain and water use among different genera of Arundineae Ahrar, M.; Doneva, D.; Koleva, D.; Romano, A.; Rodeghiero, M.; Biasioli, F.; Stefanova, M.; Wohlfahrt, G.; Loreto, F.; Varotto, C.; Velikova, V.B. Poster
1-gen-2020 Transcriptional regulation of MdmiR285N microRNA in apple (Malus x domestica) and the heterologous plant system Arabidopsis thaliana. Pompil, V.; Piazza, S.; Li, M.; Varotto, C.; Malnoy, M. Poster
1-gen-2015 Transcriptional response to hydrogen perioxide in grapevine berry skin at the beginning of ripening Pilati, S.; Bagagli, G.; Brazzale, D.; Sonego, P.; Moretto, M.; Engelen, K.A.; Moser, C. Poster
1-gen-2020 Transcriptome and metabolic profiling provide insights into the role of MdPGT1 in the phloridzin-mediated effect on apple development Miranda, S.; Piazza, S.; Mithofer, A.; Nuzzo, F.; Palmieri, L.; Cestaro, A.; Malnoy, M.; Martens, S. Poster
1-gen-2014 Transcriptomic analysis of soil microorganisms in presence of a plant pathogen and its biocontrol agent Perazzolli, M.; Asensio Herrero, N.; Sterck, L.; Pellegrini, A.; Van de Peer, Y.; Pertot, I. Poster
1-gen-2016 Two dimensional gas chromatography: a powerful tool to unravel wine volatiles Carlin, S.; Suklje, K.; Stranstrup, J.; Antalick, G.; Deloire, A.; Vrhovsek, U.; Schmidtke, L.M.K. Poster
1-gen-2021 Understanding the genetic determinism of phenological and quality traits in 'Corvina' grape variety for selection of improved genotypes Marini, M.; Shmuleviz, R.; Vervalle, J.; Baroni, A.; Mora, R.; Mujtaba, T.; Costantini, L.; Zerneri, M.; Bolognesi, G.; Tornielli, G.B.; Grando, M.S.; Polverari, A.; Bellin, D. Poster
1-gen-2014 Understanding the impact on human and wildlife health of the invasive alien mosquito species Aedes albopictus in Northern Italy Grisenti, M.; Capelli, G.; Montarsi, F.; Cazzin, S.; Arnoldi, D.; Vazquez, A.; Sanchez Seco, M.P.; Figuerola, J.; Soriguer, R.; Roiz, D.; Tenorio, A.; Dottori, M.; Rizzoli, A. Poster
1-gen-2021 Understanding West Nile spread: mathematical modelling to investigate the influence of epidemiological mechanisms on infection dynamics Fesce, E.; Marini, G.; Rosa', R.; Lelli, D.; Cerioli, M.P.; Chiari, M.; Farioli, M.; Ferrari, N. Poster
1-gen-2019 Untargeted metabolomics strategy based on LC-MS-Orbitrap for discovering new polyphenol metabolites in humans after acute ingestion of Vaccinium myrtillus berry supplement Renai, L.; Ancillotti, C.; Ulaszewska, M.; Mattivi, F.; Del Bubba, M. Poster
1-gen-2014 An updating about the performances of Pinot Gris and Traminer vines affected by the GPGV trichovirus-related grapevine disease Malossini, U.; Bianchedi, P.; Roman, T.; Varner, M.; Gualandri, V.; Nicolini, G. Poster
1-gen-2010 UPLC-QTOF-MS metabolomic analysis of different apple varieties Gika, H.; Theodoridis, G.; Scholz, M.U.; Vrhovsek, U.; Mattivi, F. Poster
1-gen-2012 Use of a Weather Generator for analysis of projections of future daily temperature and its validation with climate change indices Di Piazza, A.; Cordano, E.; Eccel, E. Poster
1-gen-2014 The use of commercial grape tannins can increase the 3-mercaptohexanol precursors in juice and affect the tropical fruity characteristics of wine Roman, T.; Larcher, R.; Malacarne, M.; Tonidandel, L.; Zatelli, D.; Nicolini, G. Poster
1-gen-2013 VCF features to train SVM in grapevine SNP detection Leonardelli, L.; Cestaro, A.; Livi, C.M.; Romieu, C.; This, P.; Moser, C.; Blanzieri, E. Poster
1-gen-2013 VerySNP: VCF features to train SVM in crop SNP detection Leonardelli, L.; Cestaro, A.; Livi, C.M.; This, P.; Romieu, C.; Blanzieri, E.; Moser, C. Poster
1-gen-2022 West Nile virus transmission in Europe is critically driven by spring temperature Marini, G.; Manica, M.; Delucchi, L.; Pugliese, A.; Rosa', R. Poster
1-gen-2020 West Nile virus transmission in Europe is shaped by spring temperature Marini, G.; Manica, M.; Delucchi, L.; Pugliese, A.; Rosa', R. Poster
Mostrati risultati da 145 a 164 di 166
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