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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) Tipo File
1-gen-2018 Insight into the mechanism of conidial germination of the powdery mildew mycoparasite Ampelomyces quisqualis Angeli, D.; Colombini, A.; Sicher, C.; Pertot, I. Articolo in rivista
1-gen-2016 Insights gained from metagenomic sequencing of apple fruit surface (CV. Pinova) Angeli, D.; Massart, S.; Sare, A.; Jijakli, M.H.; Pertot, I. Abstract in Atti di convegno
1-gen-2019 Insights gained from metagenomic shotgun sequencing of apple fruit epiphytic microbiota Angeli, D.; Sare, A.R.; Jijakli, M.H.; Pertot, I.; Massart, S. Articolo in rivista
1-gen-2018 Insights into apple and pear bark microbiota: characterizing composition and population dynamics of beneficial and pathogenic microorganisms Arrigoni, E.; Angeli, D.; Longa, C.M.O.; Antonielli, L.; Pindo, M.; Pertot, I.; Perazzolli, M. Abstract in Atti di convegno
1-gen-2012 Insights into the complex biology of an invasive Drosophila pest, Drosophila suzukii Revadi, S.; Anfora, G. Abstract in Atti di convegno
1-gen-2017 Insights into the genetic bases of downy mildew resistance and polyphenol induction in a grapevine inter-specific segregating population Malacarne, G.; Vezzulli, S.; Vecchione, A.; Masuero, D.; Dolzani, C.; Haile, Z.M.; Banchi, E.; Velasco, R.; Stefanini, M.; Vrhovsek, U.; Zulini, L.; Franceschi, P.; Moser, C. Contributo in Atti di convegno
1-gen-2012 Insights on the molecular mechanisms regulating the anti-botrytis activity of VvAMP-13, a defensin from grapevine Nanni, V.; Schumacher, J.; Sbolci, L.; Brazzale, D.; Bertolini, P.; Tudzynski, P.; Moser, C.; Baraldi, E. Abstract in Atti di convegno
1-gen-2013 Insights on the role played by temperature on the biocontrol agent Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain S499 Puopolo, G.; Jourdan, E.; Ongena, M.; Pertot, I. Articolo in rivista
1-gen-1999 Integrated monitoring of chestnut stands Turchetti, T.; Maresi, G.; Gherardi, L.; Ferretti, F.; Viti, G.M.L. Contributo in Atti di convegno
1-gen-2021 Interactions of tagatose with the sugar metabolism are responsible for Phytophthora infestans growth inhibition Corneo, P.E.; Nesler, A.; Lotti, C.; Chahed, A.; Vrhovsek, U.; Pertot, I.; Perazzolli, M. Articolo in rivista
26-lug-2022 Interlaboratory performance of a Real-Time PCR method for detection of Ceratocystis platani, the agent of canker stain of Platanus spp Brunetti, A.; Heungens, K.; Hubert, J.; Ioos, R.; Bianchi, G.L.; De Amicis, F.; Chandelier, A.; Van Der Linde, S.; Perez-Sierra, A.; Gualandri, V.; Silletti, M.R.; Trisciuzzi, V.N.; Rimondi, S.; Baschieri, T.; Romano, E.; Lumia, V.; Luigi, M.; Faggioli, F.; Pilotti, M. -
1-gen-1998 Intersterility groups of Heterobasidion annosum and their host specificity in Bulgaria La Porta, N.; Apostolov, K.; Korhonen, K. Articolo in rivista
1-gen-1999 Investigation on natural spread of chestnut blight hypovirulence in Italy and other European countries Turchetti, T.; Maresi, G. Contributo in Atti di convegno
1-gen-2020 Investigations on yellowing of chestnut crowns in Trentino (Alps, Northern Italy) Bertoldi, D.; Miorelli, P.; Pedrazzoli, F.; Delugan, S.; Deromedi, M.; Maresi, G. Articolo in rivista
1-gen-2017 Involvement of phenazine-1-carboxylic acid in the interaction between Pseudomonas chlororaphis subsp. aureofaciens strain M71 and Seiridium cardinale in vivo Raio, A.; Reveglia, P.; Puopolo, G.; Cimmino, A.; Danti, R.; Evidente, A. Articolo in rivista
1-gen-2002 Iron deficiency effects on phytoplasma distribution in Catharanthus roseus L. plants and host tissue ultrastructural alterations Musetti, R.; Pertot, I. Contributo in Atti di convegno
In corso di stampa Irrigation targeted to provoke ejection of ascospores of Venturia inaequalis shortens the season for ascospore release and results in less apple scab Prodorutti, D.; Bugiani, R.; Philion, V.; Stensvand, A.; Coller, E.; Tosi, C.; Rizzi, C.; Angeli, G.; Pertot, I. -
1-gen-2012 Is the mycoparasitic activity of Ampelomyces quisqualis biocontrol strains related to phylogeny and hydrolytic enzyme production? Angeli, D.; Puopolo, G.; Maurhofer, M.; Gessler, C.; Pertot, I. Articolo in rivista
1-gen-2022 Isolation and identification of bacterial strains from apple flowers in Trentino and their evaluation as biocontrol agents of Erwinia amylovora Pedroncelli, A.; Khaled Mahmoud, M.M.; Puopolo, G. -
1-gen-2021 Isolation of 2,5-diketopiperazines from Lysobacter capsici AZ78 with activity against Rhodococcus fascians Cimmino, A.; Bejarano, A.; Masi, M.; Puopolo, G.; Evidente, A. Articolo in rivista
Mostrati risultati da 344 a 363 di 655
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