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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeFile
12014Spatial database for GPS wildlife tracking data: a practical guide to creating a data management system with PostgreSQL/PostGIS and RUrbano, F; Cagnacci, F.Book (editor)  Only authorized
22010Methodologies and results in grapevine researchDelrot, S.; Medrano, H.; Or, E.; Bavaresco, L.; Grando, M.S.Book (editor)-
32015The greenhouse gas balance of Italy: an insight on managed and natural terrestrial ecosystemsValentini, R.; Miglietta, F.Book (editor)-
42017Brachypodium genomics: methods and protocolsSablok, G.; Budak, H.; Ralph, P.J.Book (editor)  Only authorized
52012Phytoplankton responses to human impacts at different scalesSalmaso, N.; Naselli-Flores, L.; Cerasino, L.; Flaim, G.; Tolotti, M.; Padisák, J.Book (editor)-
62015Advances in the understanding of biological sciences using next generation sequencing (NGS) approachesSablok, G.; Kumar, S.; Ueno, S.; Kuo, J.; Varotto, C.Book (editor)-
72019Biotremology: studying vibrational behaviorHill, P.S.M.; Lakes Harlan, R.; Mazzoni, V.; Narins, P.M.; Virant Doberlet, M.; Wessel, A.Book (editor)  reserved
82012Geospatial free and open source software in the 21st centuryBocher, E.; Neteler, M.Book (editor)-