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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeFile
12009Determining enzymatic activity and concentration by direct injection mass spectrometryPilati, S.; Ferrigno, A.; Aprea, E.; Nardelli, A.; Moser, C.; Gasperi, F.; Märk, T.D.; Biasioli, F.Conference object-
22009PTR-MS study of volatile sulfur compounds in water and water/ethanol solutions: fragmentation patterns and partition coefficientsFerrigno, A.; Aprea, E.; Biasioli, F.; Gasperi, F.; Märk, T.D.Conference object-
32009PTR-MS monitoring of benzene formation in beverages containing benzoate and ascorbic acidAprea, E.; Biasioli, F.; Carlin, S.; Märk, T.D.; Gasperi, F.Conference object-
42009PTR-MS evaluation of the effect of supercritical gas pasteurization on the volatile profile of a fresh apple juiceAprea, E.; Biasioli, F.; Gasperi, F.Conference object-
52009QTL mapping of volatile compounds in ripe apples detected by proton transfer reaction-mass spectrometryZini, E.; Biasioli, F.; Aprea, E.; Märk, T.D.; Gessler, C.; Gasperi, F.; Komjanc, M.Conference object-
62009Odour monitoring in composting plants by PTR-MS and PTR-TOF-MSBiasioli, F.; Aprea, E.; Odorizzi, G.; Gasperi, F.; Märk, T.D.Conference object-
72006Classification of strawberry cultivars by PTR-MS fingerprinting: from standard multivariate analysis to innovative data mining techniquesBiasioli, F.; Granitto, P.M.; Aprea, E.; Mott, D.; Märk, T.D.; Gasperi, F.Conference object-
82007Assessing truffle origin by PTR-MS fingerprinting and comparison with GC-MS for the headspace analysisAprea, E.; Carlin, S.; Versini, G.; Märk, T.D.; Gasperi, F.Conference object-
92007PTR-MS in food science and technology: a reviewBiasioli, F.Conference object-
102011Experiences at the Fondazione Edmund Mach with PTR-ToF-MS data: from analysis of mass spectra to chemometrics and data miningCappellin, L.; Biasioli, F.; Granitto, P.M.; Schuhfried, E.; Soukoulis, C.; Märk, T.D.; Gasperi, F.Conference object-