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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeFile
12012Open-source tools for environmental modelingJolma, A.; Ames, D.P.; Horning, N.; Mitasova, H.; Neteler, M.; Racicot, A.; Sutton, T.Book chapter-
22014Wildlife tracking data management: chances come from difficultiesDettki, H.; Urbano, F.; Basille, M.; Cagnacci, F.Book chapter  Only authorized
32014Introduction: the long and winding road to movement ecology: let’s put things in order, firstCagnacci, F.; Basille, M.; Berger, A.; Davidson, S. C.; Dettki, H.; van Moorter, B.; Urbano, F.Book chapter  Only authorized
42018Data treatment for LC-MS untargeted analysisRiccadonna, S.; Franceschi, P.Book chapter  reserved
52014Tracking animals in a dynamic environment: remote sensing image time seriesBasille, M.; Urbano, F.; Racine, P.; Capecchi, V.; Cagnacci, F.Book chapter  Only authorized
62014Data Quality: detection and management of outliersUrbano, F.; Basille, M.; Cagnacci, F.Book chapter-
72011Epizoic diatoms on gastropod shells: when substrate complexity selects for microcommunity complexityD'Alelio, D.; Cante, M.T.; Russo, G.F.; Totti, C.; De Stefano, M.Book chapter  Only authorized
82006Models for host-macroparasite interactions in micromammalsRosà, R.; Rizzoli, A.; Ferrari, N.; Pugliese, A.Book chapter  Open Access
92007Fagaceae treesKremer, A.; Casasoli, M.; Berreneche, T.; Bodenes, C.; Sisco, P.; Kubisiak, T.L.; Scalfi, M.; Leonardi, S.; Bakker, E.; Buiteveld, J.; Romero-Severson, J.; Arumuganathan , K.; Derory, J.; Scotti-Saintagne, C.; Roussel, G.; Bertocchi, M.E.; Lexer, C.; Porth, I.; Hebard, F.; Clark, C.; Carlson, J.; Plomion, C.; Koelewijn, H.P.; Villani, F.Book chapter-
102009Rosaceous genome sequencing: perspectives and progressSosinski, B.; Shulaev, V.; Dhingra, A.; Kalyanaraman, A.; Bumgarner, R.E.; Rokhsar, D.; Verde, I.; Velasco, R.; Abbott, A.G.Book chapter-