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12011Comparison of nectar use and preference in the parasitoid Trybliographa rapae (Hymenoptera: Figitidae) and its host, the cabbage root fly, Delia radicum (Diptera. Anthomyiidae)Nilsson, U.; Rännbäck, L-M.; Anderson, P.; Eriksson, A.; Rämert, B.Journal article  Only authorized
22012New spectral vegetation indices based on the near-infrared shoulder wavelengths for remote detection of grassland phytomassVescovo, L.; Wohlfahrt, G.; Balzarolo, M.; Pilloni, S.; Sottocornola, M.; Rodeghiero, M.; Gianelle, D.Journal article  Only authorized
32009Ecosystem carbon fluxes and canopy spectral reflectance of a mountain meadowGianelle, D.; Vescovo, L.; Marcolla, B.; Manca, G.; Cescatti, A.Journal article-
42010Limnological research in the deep southern subalpine lakes: synthesis, directions and perspectives.Salmaso, N.; Mosello, R.Journal article  Only authorized
52015Mapping alpine landscape values and related threats as perceived by touristsScolozzi, R.; Schirpe, U.; Detassis, C.; Abdullah, S.; Gretter, A.Journal article  Only authorized
62012Teaching Mathematics Creatively: Book ReviewCateni, C.; Rocchini, D.Journal article  Only authorized
72012Volatile chemical composition and bioactivity of six essential oils against the stored food insect Sitophilus zeamais Motsch. (Coleoptera Dryophtoridae)Bertoli, A; Conti, B.; Mazzoni, V.; Meini, L.; Pistelli, L.Journal article-
82014Diurnal variation of turbulence-related quantities in Lake GardaLenstra, W.K.; Hahn-Woernle, L.; Matta, E.; Bresciani, M.; Giardino, C.; Salmaso, N.; Musanti, M.; Fila, G.; Uittenbogaard, G.; Genseberger, M.; van der Woerd, H.J.; Dijkstra, H.A.Journal article  reserved
92015First record of Kinnecaris (Copepoda: Harpacticoida: Parastenocarididae) from Turkey and Thailand: description of three new species and emended definition of the genusBruno, M.C.; Cottarelli, V.Journal article  Only authorized
102013High resolution satellite remote sensing: a new frontier for biodiversity exploration in Indian Himalayan forestsGairola, S.; Proches, S.; Rocchini, D.Journal article  Only authorized