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12014A one night stand? Reproductive excursions of female roe deer as a breeding dispersal tacticDebeffe, L.; Focardi, S.; Bonenfant, C.; Hewison, A.J.M.; Morellet, N.; Vanpé, C.; Heurich, M.; Kjellander, P.; Linnell, J.D.C.; Mysterud, A.; Pellerin, M.; Sustr, P.; Urbano, F.; Cagnacci, F.Journal article  Only authorized
22011In-vivo two-photon imaging of the honeybee antennal lobeHaase, A.; Rigosi, E.; Anfora, G.; Vinegoni, C.; Vallortigara, G.; Antolini, R.Journal article  Only authorized
32014A new resource from traditional wines: characterisation of the microbiota of “Vino Santo” grapes as a biocontrol agent against Botrytis cinereaGuzzon, R.; Franciosi, E.; Larcher, R.Journal article  Only authorized
42012Sr isotope measurements in beef: analytical challenge and first resultsRummel, S.; Dekant, C.H.; Hölzl, S.; Kelly, S.d.; Baxter, M.; Marigheto, N.; Quetel, C.R.; Larcher, R.; Nicolini, G.; Fröschl, H.; Ueckermann, H.; Hoogewerff, J.Journal article  Only authorized
52015Proton transfer reaction–mass spectrometry: online and rapid determination of volatile organic compounds of microbial originRomano, A.; Capozzi, V.; Spano, G.; Biasioli, F.Journal article  Only authorized
62011Antifungal activity of peach defensin involves plasma membrane permeabilizationZanetti, M.; Nanni, V.; Baraldi, E.; Moser, C.; Dallaserra, M.Journal article  Only authorized
72012Soil organic carbon stock assessment for the different cropland land uses in ItalyChiti, T.; Gardin, L.; Perugini, L.; Quarantino, R.; Vaccari, F.P.; Miglietta, F.; Valentini, R.Journal article  Only authorized
82011A multimodal approach for tracing lateralization along the olfactory pathway in the honeybee through electrophysiological recordings, morpho-functional imaging, and behavioural studies.Haase, A.; Rigosi, E.; Frasnelli, E.; Trona, F.; Tessarolo, F.; Vinegoni, C.; Anfora, G.; Vallortigara, G.; Antolini, R.Journal article  Only authorized
92014Das Potential von Apfel-Birne-Hybriden für die KernobstzüchtungFischer, T.C.; Martens, S.; Malnoy, M.A.; Schacht, H.; Dierend, W.Journal article  Only authorized
102009Morfo-functional asymmetry of the olfactory receptors of the honeybee Apis mellifera L.Frasnelli, E.; Anfora, G.; Trona, F.; Tessarolo, F.; Antolini, R.; Vallortigara, G.Journal article-