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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeFile
12014COLOMBOS v2.0: an ever expanding collection of bacterial expression compendiaMeysman, P.; Sonego, P.; Bianco, L.; Fu, Q.; Ledezma Tejeida, D.; Gama Castro, S.; Liebens, V.; Michiels, J.; Laukens, K.; Marchal, K.; Collado-Vides, J.; Engelen, K.Journal article  Open Access
22014Genetic variation and population structure in the endangered Hermann’s tortoise:the roles of geography and human-mediated processesPerez, M.; Livoreil, B.; Mantovani, S.; Boisselier, M.C.; Crestanello, B.; Abdelkrim, J.; Bonillo, C.; Goutner, V.; Lambourdière, J.; Pierpaoli, M.; Sterijovski, B.; Tomovic, L.; Vilaca, S.T.; Mazzotti, S.; Bertorelle, G.Journal article  Open Access
32012Comprehensive QTL mapping survey dissects the complex fruit texture physiology in apple (Malus x domestica Borkh.)Longhi, S.; Moretto, M.; Viola, R.; Velasco, R.; Costa, F.Journal article  Only authorized
42013Pathway Processor 2.0: a web resource for pathway-based analysis of high-throughput dataBeltrame, L.; Bianco, L.; Fontana, P.; Cavalieri, D.Journal article  Open Access
52014MAGIC: access portal to a cross-platform gene expression compendium for maizeFu, Q.; Fierro, A.C.; Meysman, P.; Sanchez-Rodriguez, A.; Vandepoele, K.; Marchal, K.; Engelen, K.Journal article  Only authorized
62014Comparative neuroanatomy of the antennal lobes of 2 homopteran speciesRossi Stacconi, M.V.; Hansson, B.S.; Rybak, J.; Romani, R.Journal article  reserved
72011Oviposition response of the moth Lobesia botrana to sensory cues from a host plantTasin, M.; Lucchi, A.; Ioriatti, C.; Mrahi, M.; De Cristofaro, A.; Boger, Z.; Anfora, G.Journal article  Only authorized
82013Phylogenetic analysis of 47 chloroplast genomes clarifies the contribution of wild species to the domesticated apple maternal lineNikiforova, S.; Cavalieri, D.; Velasco, R.; Goremykin, V.Journal article  Only authorized
92014keeSeek: searching distant non-existing words in genomes for PCR-based applicationsFalda, M.; Fontana, P.; Barzon, L.; Toppo, S.; Lavezzo, E.Journal article  Only authorized
102014Genetic drift linked to heterogeneous landscape and ecological specialization drives diversification in the Alpine endemic columbine Aquilegia thalictrifoliaLega, M.; Fior, S.; Li, M.; Leonardi, S.; Varotto, C.Journal article  Open Access