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12011A working environment for digital planetary data processing and mapping using ISIS and GRASS GISFrigeri, A.; Hare, T.; Neteler, M.; Coradini, A.; Federico, C.; Orosei, R.Journal article  Only authorized
22012Can we compare lichen diversity data? A test with skilled teamsBrunialti, G.; Frati, L.; Cristofolini, F.; Chiarucci, A.; Giordani, P.; Loppi, S.; Benesperi, R.; Cristofori, A.; Critelli, P.; Di Capua, E.; Genovesi, V.; Gottardini, E.; Innocenti, G.; Munzi, S.; Paoli, L.; Pisani, T.; Ravera, S.; Ferretti, M.Journal article  Only authorized
32011Impact of biochar application to a Mediterranean wheat crop on soil microbial activity and greenhouse gas fluxesCastaldi, S.; Riondino, M.; Baronti, S.; Esposito, F.R.; Marzaioli, R.; Rutigliano, F.A.; Vaccari, F.P.; Miglietta, F.Journal article  Only authorized
42014metaMS: an open-source pipeline for GC-MS-based untargeted metabolomicsWehrens, R.; Weingart, G.; Mattivi, F.Journal article  Only authorized
52013Conservation Genetic Resources for Effective Species Survival (ConGRESS): bridging the divide between conservation research and practiceHoban, S.; Arntzen, J.W.; Bertorelle, G.; Bryja, J.; Fernandes, M.; Gaggiotti, O.; Galbusera, P.; Godoy, J.A.; Hauffe, H.C.; Hoelzel, A.R.; Nichols, R.A.; Pérez Espona, S.; Primmer, C.; Russo, I.R..M.; Segelbacher, G.; Siegismund, H.R.; Sihvonen, M.; Sjögren Gulve, P.; Vernesi, C.; Vilà, C.; Bruford, M.W.Journal article  Only authorized
62014Ecophysiological responses and vulnerability to other pathologies in European chestnut coppices, heavily infested by the Asian chestnut gall waspUgolini, F.; Massetti, L.; Pedrazzoli, F.; Tognetti, R.; Vecchione, A.; Zulini, L.; Maresi, G.Journal article  Only authorized
72014Ethylene: absolute real-time high-sensitivity detection with PTR/SRI-MS: the example of fruits, leaves and bacteriaCappellin, L.; Makhoul, S.; Schuhfried, E.; Romano, A.; Sanchez del Pulgar, J.; Aprea, E.; Farneti, B.; Costa, F.; Gasperi, F.; Biasioli, F.Journal article  Only authorized
82010Population structure and genetic diversity of the threatened quillwort Isoëtes malinverniana and implication for conservationGentili, R.; Abeli, T.; Rossi, G.; Li, M.; Varotto, C.; Sgorbati, S.Journal article  Only authorized
92008Relationships between soil fauna communities and humus forms: response to forest dynamics and solar radiationSalmon, S.; Artuso, N.; Frizzera, L.; Zampedri, R.Journal article  Only authorized
102004Physiological and physicochemical controls on foliar volatile organic compound emissionsNiinemets, Ü.; Loreto, F.; Reichstein, M.Journal article  Only authorized