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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) Tipo File
18-gen-2016 Proton-Transfer-Reaction Mass-Spectrometry (PTR-MS) for the study of the aromatic potential of bakery starter strains Makhoul, S. Doctoral Thesis
10-ago-2018 Regulation of vegetative and generative reproduction in the woodland strawberry Samad, S. Doctoral Thesis
10-mar-2017 Relationships among the three levels of biodiversity, genes, species and ecosystems: an empyrical study with Alpine amphibians from Trentino Marchesini, A. Doctoral Thesis
3-feb-2022 Remote sensing tools for monitoring grassland plant leaf traits and biodiversity Imran, H.A. Doctoral Thesis
24-apr-2012 Risposte morfologiche, fisiologiche e geniche all’ozono della specie arbustiva Viburnum lantana L. Gottardini, E. Doctoral Thesis
15-nov-2016 The role of isoprene emission on the performance of different genera of Arundineae Ahrar, M. Doctoral Thesis
22-gen-2016 Role of MLO genes in susceptibility to powdery mildew in apple and grapevine Pessina, S. Doctoral Thesis
15-feb-2016 The role of wild animals in the ecoepidemiology of flaviviruses in Northeastern Italy Grisenti, M. Doctoral Thesis
3-set-2015 Run to the hills: partial migration in large herbivores Peters, W.E.B. Doctoral Thesis
8-mag-2014 Sensory and instrumental profiling of apples: a new tool for quality assessment Corollaro, M.L. Doctoral Thesis
6-mar-2015 Soil organic carbon responses to forest expansion on mountain grasslands Guidi, C. Doctoral Thesis
3-mar-2011 Spatial patterns and ecological determinants of the diatom communities in an alpine flow-regime river (Adige River, North-Eastern Italy). Implications for the ecological status' assessment Centis, B. Doctoral Thesis
19-mag-2021 Strategies to design a new generation of biofertilisers for a more sustainable agriculture VASSEUR CORONADO, M.F. Doctoral Thesis
8-nov-2017 Study of the bio-ethology of Ceratitis capitata Wied. in Trentino and development of sustainable strategies for population control Zanoni, S. Doctoral Thesis
1-mar-2017 Study of the genome of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens subsp. plantarum S499 and role of its plasmid (pS499) in rhizosphere interactions Molinatto, G. Doctoral Thesis
24-mar-2015 Targeting natural antioxidant compounds to the brain: a metabolomic assessment Fornasaro, S. Doctoral Thesis
7-apr-2017 Toxin-producing cyanobacteria in the large lakes south of the Alps: detection of new producers and molecular identification methods Capelli, C. Doctoral Thesis
12-lug-2016 Trends in surface temperature from new long–term homogenized thermal data by applying remote sensing techniques and its validation using in-situ data of five southern European lakes Pareeth, S. Doctoral Thesis
15-apr-2013 Understanding soil microbial community dynamics in vineyard soils: soil structure, climate and plant effects Corneo, P.E. Doctoral Thesis
18-mar-2020 Understanding the morphology, neurophysiology and behavior of the invasive Halyomorpha halys for its management in agricultural ecosystems Ibrahim, A. Doctoral Thesis
Mostrati risultati da 81 a 100 di 105
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