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1-gen-2016 Investigating the in-vitro and in-vivo flavour release from 21 fresh-cut apples Ting, V.; Romano, A.; Soukoulis, C.; Silcock, P.; Bremer, P.; Cappellin, L.; Biasioli, F. Articolo in rivista
1-gen-2019 Investigating the interaction between the apple proliferation effector SAP11capm and its targets in susceptible and resistant malus accessions Tabarelli, M.; Janick, K.; Moser, M.; Bianchedi, P.; Micheletti, D.; Malnoy, M. Abstract in rivista
1-mag-2022 Investigating the microbial community of Cacopsylla spp. as potential factor in vector competence of phytoplasma Schuler, H.; Dittmer, J.; Borruso, L.; Galli, J.; Fischnaller, F.; Anfora, G.; Rota Stabelli, O.; Weil, T.; Janik, K. -
23-giu-2021 Investigating the molecular targets of Apple Proliferation Phytoplasma effector SAP11CaPM in apple Tabarelli, M. Doctoral Thesis
1-gen-2018 Investigating the role of refuges and drift on the resilience of macroinvertebrate communities to drying conditions: an experiment in artificial streams Doretto, A.; Piano, E.; Falasco, E.; Fenoglio, S.; Bruno, M.C.; Bona, F. Articolo in rivista
1-gen-2021 Investigating the spatiotemporal association between climate and West Nile Virus transmission Tiley, K.; Cox, V.; Calzolari, M.; Rosa', R.; Pugliese, A.; Tamba, M.; Marini, G.; Dorigatti, I. Poster
28-ott-2024 Investigating tritrophic interactions using bioenergetic demographic models Passoni, G.; Coulson, T.; Cagnacci, F.; Hudson, P.; Stahler, D.R.; Smith, D.W.; Lachish, S. -
1-gen-2022 Investigation by high-throughput sequencing methods of microbiota dynamics in spontaneous fermentation of Abruzzo (South Italy) wines Guzzon, R.; Franciosi, E.; Toffanin, A. -
In corso di stampa An investigation into the relationship of circulating gut microbiome molecules and inflammatory markers with the risk of incident dementia in later life Oluwagbemigun, K.; Anesi, A.; Vrhovsek, U.; Mattivi, F.; Martino Adami, P.; Pentzek, M.; Scherer, M.; Riedel-Heller, S.G.; Weyerer, S.; Bickel, H.; Wiese, B.; Schmid, M.; Cryan, J.F.; Ramirez, A.; Wagner, M.; Nöthlings, U. -
1-gen-2021 An investigation into the temporal reproducibility of Tryptophan metabolite networks among healthy adolescents Oluwagbemigun, K.; Anesi, A.; Clarke, G.; Schmid, M.; Mattivi, F.; Nöthlings, U. Articolo in rivista
1-gen-1994 Investigation of analytical parameters characterizing Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris musts and wines and compared to other non-floral varieties Versini, G.; Rapp, A.; Dalla Serra, A.; Nicolini, G.; Stefanini, M. Contributo in Atti di convegno
1-gen-2023 Investigation of Brazilian grape juice metabolomic profile changes caused by methyl jasmonate pre-harvest treatment Moro, L.; Vieira da Mota, R.; Purgatto, E.; Mattivi, F.; Arapitsas, P. Articolo in rivista
1-gen-1991 Investigation of compost-mulch in the vineyards of Trentino: effects on the soil and culture Pinamonti, F.; Artuso, I.; Stringari, G.; Zorzi, G. Contributo in Atti di convegno
1-gen-2023 Investigation of geraniol biotransformation by commercial Saccharomyces yeast strains by two headspace techniques: solid-phase microextraction Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (SPME-GC/MS) and Proton Transfer Reaction-Time of Flight-Mass Spectrometry (PTR-ToF-MS) Roberts, R.; Khomenko, I.; Eyres, G.T.; Bremer, P.; Silcock, P.; Betta, E.; Biasioli, F. -
1-gen-2006 Investigation of grape light environment using hemispherical photography and light sensors: effects of light availability on cluster temperature in Vitis vinifera cv. Pinot noir Zorer, R.; Policarpo, M. Contributo in Atti di convegno
1-gen-2023 Investigation of Kaftrio secondary effects on sphingolipid synthesis Armirotti, A.; Liessi, N.; Ciobanu, D.; Tomati, V.; Capurro, V.; Pedemonte, N.; Bassi, R.; Loberto, N.; Dobi, D.; Aureli, M.; Garcia-Aloy, M.; Franceschi, P. -
1-gen-2016 Investigation of somatic variants associated with seed content in grapevine Costantini, L.; Nwafor, C.C.; Lorenzi, S.; Marrano, A.; Raimondi, S.; Schneider, A.; Gribaudo, I.; Grando, M.S. Abstract in Atti di convegno
1-gen-2017 Investigation of spatial and temporal oxygen evolution during rootpathogen interaction using planar optodes Rodeghiero, M.; Rubol, S.; Turco, E.; Gianelle, D.; Molinatto, G.; Bellin, A. Abstract in Atti di convegno
1-gen-2017 Investigation of the biodiversity and landscape ecology of apple orchards to investigate potential new vectors of apple proliferation Oppedisano, T.; Pedrazzoli, F.; Cainelli, C.; Franchi, R.; Gubert, F.; Marini, L.; Mazzoni, V.; De Cristofaro, A.; Ioriatti, C. Abstract in rivista
1-gen-2005 Investigation of the dinoflagellate community of lake Tovel by genetic analysis of environmental samples D’Andrea, M.; Daugbjerg, N.; Flaim, G. Articolo in rivista
Mostrati risultati da 6.137 a 6.156 di 12.036
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