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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) Tipo File
1-gen-2015 Flavonoid metabolomics in Gerbera hybrida cultivars Bashandy, H.; Carvalho, E.; Martens, S.; Teeri, T. Abstract in Atti di convegno
1-gen-2018 Host: Microbiome co-metabolic processing of dietary polyphenols: an acute, single blinded, cross-over study with different doses of apple polyphenols in healthy subjects Trost, K.; Ulaszewska, M.; Stanstrup, J.; Albanese, D.; de Filippo, C.; Tuohy, K.; Natella, F.; Scaccini, C.; Mattivi, F. Articolo in rivista
1-gen-2021 In vivo active organometallic-containing antimycotic agents Rubbiani, R.; Weil, T.; Tocci, N.; Mastrobuoni, L.; Jeger, S.; Moretto, M.; Ng, J.; Lin, Y.; Hess, J.; Ferrari, S.; Kaech, A.; Young, L.; Spencer, J.; Moore, A.L.; Cariou, K.; Renga, G.; Pariano, M.; Romani, L.; Gasser, G. Articolo in rivista
1-gen-2019 Measuring phenolic compounds in Mankai: a novel polyphenol and amino rich plant protein source Diotallevi, C.; Angeli, A.; Vrhovsek, U.; Gobbetti, M.; Shai, I.; Lapidot, M.; Tuohy, K. Poster
1-gen-2019 Measuring polyphenols metabolism in mankai duckweed: a novel aquatic and amino rich plant protein source Diotallevi, C.; Angeli, A.; Vrhovsek, U.; Gobbetti, M.; Shai, I.; Lapidot, M.; Tuohy, K. Abstract in Atti di convegno
1-gen-2014 Monochromatic light increases anthocyanin content during fruit development in bilberry Zoratti, L.; Sarala, M.; Carvalho, E.; Karppinen, K.; Martens, S.; Giongo, L.; Häggman, H.; Jaakola, L. Articolo in rivista
1-gen-2013 Natural products: modifying metabolite pathways in plants Staniek, A.; Bouwmeester, H.; Fraser, F.D.; Kayser, O.; Martens, S.; Tissier, A.; van der Krol, S.; Wessjohann, L.; Warzecha, H. Articolo in rivista
1-gen-2016 Nonsense mutation inside anthocyanidin synthase gene controls pigmentation in yellow raspberry (Rubus idaeus L.) Rafique, M.Z.; Carvalho, E.; Stracke, R.; Palmieri, L.; Herrera Valderrama, A.L.; Feller, A.C.; Malnoy, M.A.; Martens, S. Articolo in rivista
1-gen-2018 Phytochemical analysis of salal berry (Gaultheria shallon Pursh.), a traditionally-consumed fruit from western North America with exceptionally high proanthocyanidin content Ferguson, A.; Carvalho, E.; Gourlay, E.C.; Walker, V.; Martens, S.; Salminen, J.; Constabel, C.P. Articolo in rivista
1-gen-2012 Resistance to Plasmopara viticola is associated with a complex pattern of stilbenoids and with specific host transcriptional responses Malacarne, G.; Vrhovsek, U.; Zulini, L.; Masuero, D.; Cestaro, A.; Stefanini, M.; Delledonne, M.; Velasco, R.; Guella, G.; Mattivi, F.; Moser, C. Abstract in Atti di convegno
1-gen-2015 Role of 2-oxoglutarate dependent oxygenases in flavonoid metabolism Martens, S.; Matern, U. Contributo in volume (Capitolo o Saggio)
1-gen-2015 Steroid 5β-reductase from leaves of Vitis vinifera: molecular cloning, expression and modelling Ernst, M.; Munkert, J.; Campa, M.; Malnoy, M.A.; Martens, S.; Müller Uri, F. Articolo in rivista
1-gen-2021 The structural and functional characterization of Malus domestica double bond reductase MdDBR provides insights towards the identification of its substrates Caliandro, R.; Polsinelli, I.; Demitri, N.; Musiani, F.; Martens, S.; Benini, S. Articolo in rivista
24-mar-2015 Targeting natural antioxidant compounds to the brain: a metabolomic assessment Fornasaro, S. Doctoral Thesis
Mostrati risultati da 11 a 24 di 24
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