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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) Tipo File
1-gen-2016 Advantages and limitations involved in the use of microbial biofungicides for the control of root and foliar phytopathogens of fruit crops Pertot, I.; Puopolo, G.; Giovannini, O.; Angeli, D.; Sicher, C.; Perazzolli, M. Recensione in rivista
1-gen-2022 Biogenic volatile organic compounds in the grapevine response to pathogens, beneficial microorganisms, resistance inducers and abiotic factors Lazazzara, V.; Avesani, S.; Robatscher, P.; Oberhuber, M.; Pertot, I.; Schuhmacher, R.; Perazzolli, M. Recensione in rivista
1-gen-2022 Electronic noses based on metal oxide nanowires: a review Tonezzer, M.; Thi Thanh Le, D.; LAI VAN, D.; Hoa, N.D.; Gasperi, F.; Van Duy, N.; Biasioli, F. Recensione in rivista
1-gen-2022 Liquid Chromatography coupled to Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (LC-IRMS): a review Perini, M.; Bontempo, L. Recensione in rivista
1-gen-2010 Mathematical ecology of populations and ecosystems by J. Pastor: Book Review Rocchini, D. Recensione in rivista
1-gen-2020 Molecular approaches for low-cost point-of-care pathogen detection in agriculture and forestry Baldi, P.; La Porta, N. Recensione in rivista
1-gen-2022 Phenotyping methods to assess heat stress resilience in grapevine Pettenuzzo, S.; Cappellin, L.; Grando, M.S.; Costantini, L. Recensione in rivista
1-gen-2012 Teaching Mathematics Creatively: Book Review Cateni, C.; Rocchini, D. Recensione in rivista
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 8 di 8
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