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1-gen-2021 Authors’ Reply to Letter to the Editor: Continued improvement to genetic diversity indicator for CBD Laikre, L.; Hohenlohe, P.A.; Allendorf, F.W.; Bertola, L.D.; Breed, M.F.; Bruford, M.W.; Funk, W.C.; Gajardo, G.; González-Rodríguez, A.; Grueber, C.E.; Hedrick, P.W.; Heuertz, M.; Hunter, M.E.; Johannesson, K.; Liggins, L.; Macdonald, A.J.; Mergeay, J.; Moharrek, F.; O’Brien, D.; Ogden, R.; Orozco-terWengel, P.; Palma-Silva, C.; Pierson, J.; Paz-Vinas, I.; Russo, I.M.; Ryman, N.; Segelbacher, G.; Sjögren-Gulve, P.; Waits, L.P.; Vernesi, C.; Hoban, S. Journal article
1-gen-2021 Behavioral manipulation for pest control Mazzoni, V.; Anfora, G. Journal article
1-gen-2010 Cataloguing soil carbon stocks Gianelle, D.; Oechel, W.C.; Miglietta, F.; Rodeghiero, M.; Sottocornola, M. Journal article
1-gen-2021 Correction to: The haplotype‑resolved reference genome of lemon (Citrus limon L. Burm f.) Di Guardo, M.; Moretto, M.; Moser, M.; Catalano, C.; Troggio, M.; Deng, Z.; Cestaro, A.; Caruso, M.; Distefano, G.; La Malfa, S.; Bianco, L.; Gentile, A. Journal article
1-gen-2015 Earth observation for ecosystems monitoring in space and time: a special issue in Remote Sensing Rocchini, D. Journal article
1-gen-2010 Ecological status and change by remote sensing Rocchini, D. Journal article
1-gen-2020 Editorial: Interdisciplinary approaches to improve quality of soft fruit berries Farneti, B.; Emanuelli, F.; Giongo, L.; Toivonen, P.; Iorizzo, M.; Folta, K.; Finn, C. Journal article
1-gen-2020 Editorial: interplay between fungal pathogens and fruit ripening Díaz Ricci, J.C.; González-Candelas, L.; Prusky, D.B.; Moser, C.; Baraldi, E. Journal article
1-gen-2021 Editorial: RNAi Based Pesticides Székács, A.; SI AMMOUR, A.; Mendelsohn, M.L. Journal article
1-gen-2021 Effective population size remains a suitable, pragmatic indicator of genetic diversity for all species, including forest trees Hoban, S.; Paz-Vinas, I.; Aitken, S.; Bertola, L.D.; Breed, M.F.; Bruford, M.W.; Funk, W.C.; Grueber, C.E.; Heuertz, M.; Hohenlohe, P.; Hunter, M.E.; Jaffé, R.; Fernandes, M.L.; Mergeay, J.; Moharrek, F.; O'Brien, D.; Segelbacher, G.; Vernesi, C.; Waits, L.; Laikre, L. Journal article
1-gen-2019 "Engage with the future": A brief summary of the 13th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium Pedrotti, M. Journal article
1-gen-2015 Evolution and molecular epidemiology of streptococci Donati, C.; Glaser, P.; Mitchell, T. Journal article
1-gen-2011 First record of Parastenocarididae from Thailand and description of a new genus (Copepoda: Harpacticoida). (vol 30, pg 478, 2010) Cottarelli, V.; Bruno, M.C.; Berera, R. Journal article
1-gen-2019 The new trends and challenges for sensory and consumers sciences: Outcomes from EUROSENSE 2018, a sense of taste Pedrotti, M. Journal article
1-gen-2020 Post-2020 goals overlook genetic diversity Laikre, L.; Hoban, S.; Bruford, M.; Segelbacher, G.; Allendorf, F.; Gajardo, G.; González Rodríguez, A.; Philip W. Hedrick, P.; Heuertz, M.; Hohenlohe, P.; Rodolfo Jaffé, R.; Kerstin Johannesson, K.; Liggins, L.; Macdonald, A.; Orozcoter Wengel, P.; Reusch, T.; Rodríguez-Correa, H.; Russo, I.; Nils Ryman, N.; Vernesi, C. Journal article
1-gen-2020 Recent advances on grapevine-microbe interactions: from signal perception to resistance response Aziz, A.; Perazzolli, M.; Gramaje, D.; Zyprian, E.M.; Cantu, D. Journal article
1-gen-2019 Remembering Alvise Vittori (Riva del Garda 1932 – Trento 2018) Flaim, G.; Ciutti, F. Journal article
1-gen-2020 Special Issue "Volatile Compounds and Smell Chemicals (Odor and Aroma) of Food" Aprea, E. Journal article
1-gen-2011 Stomatal numbers, leaf and canopy conductance and the control of transpiration Miglietta, F.; Peressotti, A.; Viola, R.; Körner, C.; Amthor, J.S. Journal article
1-gen-2017 There is inadequate evidence to support the division of the genus Borrelia Margos, G.; Marosevic, D.; Cutler, S.; Derdakova, M.; Diuk Wasser, M.; Emler, S.; Fish, D.; Gray, J.; Hunfeld, K.; Jaulhac, B.; Kahl, O.; Kovalev, S.; Kraiczy, P.; Lane, R.; Lienhard, R.; Lindgren, P.; Ogden, N.; Ornstein, K.; Rupprecht, T.; Schwartz, I.; Sing, A.; Straubinger, R.; Strle, F.; Voordouw, M.; Rizzoli, A.; Stevenson, B.; Fingerle, V. Journal article
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